Everyday I meet with individuals who are awakening and starting to question their realities and the bigger meaning to life.

It’s pretty common for statements such as…

“I have a feeling that I was born to experience more then graduation, collage, career, marriage, family, get old and die.”

“I did what I was taught that I was suppose to do but I don’t feel fulfilled.”

“I know I am suppose to do something more, I just don’t know what!”

“I feel like something is happening, I’m just not sure what, it’s not good or bad, just something has changed”

“Who choose my path anyways?”

“I did xyz because I thought I was suppose to.”

“I thought that when I met my husband, I had met my soulmate and believed I would be finally be happy.”

“my wife filed for a divorce, took our children and home, I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

Do you plan your future from a deep inner knowing of already complete or is it to achieve goals that will make you complete? 

When goals are set from a space of “when I achieve this” i.e.; degree, relationship, buy this house, vacation, have a child, get this job or promotion etc, it’s built upon “I will finally have worth when”,

This road map is leading towards building character of a false bravado where we give away our worth or value and place it upon the goals, action, doing,

It’s creating in the energy of striving to be enough, achieve enough, to be good enough,
worthy enough, acceptance or liked
or loved by others.

as we begin to explore our belief and value systems we often find some of what we believe is based upon someone else’s model. 

The people who have influenced what direction we take for our lives may have their own path forged from cookie
cutter designs that may have been passed down for several

Indigenous tribes use education as a way of bringing out, 
identifying and bringing forth the greatest essence of their children and assist with activities that help actualized and unify that which they are created and called to do.

As humanity evolved into being more convenient, we shifted away from educating our children based upon actualizimg Their Divine purpose and into designing hands and feet workers to meet the needs of developing and creating the physical world,

We bought into Programing that is crafted and designed to develop each generations learning geared towards future innovation and adopted a mind set established to disguise the motive within group consciousness

Within the programming A scale was carefully designed and placed into our belief systems and has shifted the way we perceive one another.

We adopted a new scale that determines by measuring the status, success and morality of individuals, groups and communities based on this conditioning.

As a result, as humanity continues to evolved in physical convienience a much greater deficit and disconnect has developed within the way we precieve one another, ourselves and our experiences.

A person is often taught to demonstrate societal based moral values and standards that we use to judge our life and others lives and is based upon appearing to be within this structure. 

The illusion is defined by a life that appears to be successful.

No amount of success can hide the way we see ourselves.

If we believe we are inadequate or lacking we are in Inner conflict and suffering.

Inner Suffering is not always visible to the outside world even if Our outer world is mirroring back to us our own inner makings.

Consumers are reminded through every form of subliminal messages and direct advertisements of the need to be In search of a magic “pill” of what to purchase, wear, in order to have instant success means to feel prettier, desired, successful and on and on. 

Marketing for big pharmaceutical companies often omit that most drugs mask or cover up 
symptoms but doesn’t provide a cure.

A giant house, fat wallet or the top position with the largest company can only work as a substitute for our deeper yearnings if we are inwardly hurting.

I am not implying that medicine is never required. I have used medicating myself and have several years of working wwithin the social service field and have seen first hand it provide immediate relief and assistance.

what I am stating is that it masks systems and does not cure the conditions of our mind, body, spirit and disconnection from ourself.

When our Mind, Body and Spirit are out of alignment it creates our vision to be clouded in the way we perceive ourselves, others and experience our existence.

When out of alignment it’ is common to seek some form of escapism to synthetically fulfill the disconnect.

It could show up in our lives in ways such as overworking, overeating, sexual Addictions, failed relationships, perfectionism, excessive shopping, overspending, constant
need to go go go or do do do, and other mind altering substance.

We most likely all know someone or have personally experienced a life event such as divorce, losing a job, foreclosure, eviction, a serious accident, injury or illness, moving to a foreign land or environment and it felt like our world was shook apart and possibly even changed The quality of our life, living standard or activities that we once did and no longer do.

When the foundation of our identity is built upon a persona outside of ourselves and is rooted into what we do, have or upon someone else being a
part of our life, that persona is tested and at times shattered.

Often times we quickly seek to replace what ever we perceive we may have lost as a means to remedy.

Could painful experiences be an alarm that is sounding to awaken us to the realization that our mind, body, spirit are off balance, to examine the way we perceive ourselves, others, our
experiences and value systems?

Could the areas that are being removed from our life be because they are no longer of service to our higher potential? Could this be a call to awaken to a deeper meanings of life and to explore our beliefs and question our current paradigm? 

Could it be an invitation to take off our masks and to step off the Hamster wheel of “having to do something to prove to ourselves our worth.” and to show our self and others that we are something? A call to restore our inner balance and restore unity with Source/God/Universe? 

When we look at a new born baby we are able to see the perfection of creation itself.

Creation that took two people coming together as one that ignited theprocess of creation itself. Creation that grew inside the Perfection of a women’s womb.

It would be impossible to require the infant to do or be something other than just Be the precious miracle.

We may have lost sight and no longer see ourself as part of the miracle of life and feel disconnected from the vastness and perfection of creation itself. . 

Being disconnected from our natural essence creates a longing or a sense of something is missing. 

All of creation is created and brought forth into Creation by the powerful force of Creator we are designed as the helpers that actualized and express creation itself. .

By prayer and meditation we can ask for Divine order to assist in releasing what is no longer of service to us and restore the areas of our life that may be out of alignment with your truest and most divine life.

When I speak about prayer I do not speak in the religious terms. I speak in a terms of activating the prayer inside of you, unified with Source-Creator and to allow creators goodness be made manifest by directing the whole universe to assist. 

Every snare ever set up to trick man holds NO power. All that is true is Waiting to be revealed.

You are already everything good, glorious and great. It’s not about getting, doing or have something more to finally be the perfection of Creator, it’s about uncovering Creators perfection in you andreleasing all that is not true.

I challenge you to evaluate your morals and
beliefs and To explore what set your actions into motion to walk your current path. 

If if you are occomplishimg goals and buildings dreams by someone else’s design, or are at a space of stagnation there is a good chance your being called to discover your greater purpose.

Humanity is Awakening and consciousness is shifting.
We are all being called to live our destined life and to actualize our gifts to the world.

Seek and let the goodness Of Creator and all of its glory be revealed in you. Everything you have experienced to this point in your life will become the pearls of great price in your life and are all part of a much grander picture and plan.