Oh my goodness, what words can describe kristy lee!? She is incredible and so talented and connected! Her analysis of my handwriting was spot on! It even turned my skeptic mom into a believer. She is worth every penny! Please check her out, you will not be disappointed. I love you kristy lee! Thank you for every thing!
Andrea Foster

Kristy Lee is the REAL DEAL! She is so accurate and really gets to the heart of what your soul needs for growth. She is so encouraging and you just know she really cares for you and how you feel. I would totally recommend anyone who is feeling lost and needing direction to contact her for support and guidance as her connection to Source is spot on! Let Kristy Lee lead you to your best possible life! You won’t regret it and it could possibly be the best decision you’ve made in your journey thus far.
Thank you Kristy Lee for my tarot reading and handwriting analysis. I can’t wait to follow the avenues on my path that Source revealed through you! Very excited to see it all come to fruition!
All my Love and Many Blessings to you dearest Sister♡♡♡
Connie Proctor

“The other day Kristy offered to read my handwriting. She came back to me really quickly with her reading and it was spot on. AND some of the things she told me have helped me to clarify some things that are happening for me in my every day life. I really appreciated the reading and Kristy for taking the time to do this for me.
Many many thanks. So if you are thinking of getting Kristy to read your handwriting say YES…. Just do it.
Margeret Saunders

Kristy just did a handwriting analysis/in depth characterisation of who I am based on the letters in my name and how I write.
Mind blown 💣💥
It put some pieces together that helped me focus even more intently on certain goals, while providing insight as to what my strengths are and areas of spirituality that may need some continued healing!
I had no idea that our names, based on letters, play a significant part in our personality and Divine purpose!
Everything happens for a reason is even more intense than I ever knew before!
I highly recommend getting one of these done and weaving it into a healing package with Kristy Lee!
You WON’T regret it!!!
She will help you shift and level up and you will gain what seems like “insider information” into the amazing miracle that is YOU!
She amazes me constantly!!!
Stephanie Collette Quackenbush

Regarding the recent skill of Kristy Lee in her new learning of the alphabet, what your name and writing says about you in the new style of reading, I have to say it is very impressive.
My reading was incredibly accurate and insightful and helped me come to a deeper understanding on who I am and what my life is about right now. It helped me come to a realisation that I can trust myself and am worthy of being loved. A glowing report for a fascinating reading and a wonderful, wonderful woman! Love you Kristy!!! Xoxo
Chloe Patterson

I had a reading done by my sistar Kristy Lee in regards to my name and the letters and how and what they represent in my life. Whenever I received what she got from spirit obviously blew my mind. 🙏🏻 The things that she got confirmed a lot of the questions I was asking internally. Down to the T, it showed me more to trust the Divine purpose for my life. To stop trusting what Man has told me and to listen with my heart and it won’t let me down. I’ve been testing that anyway before this reading but like I said confirmation was totally here. I literally got spirit bumps from this. Down to the understanding of the crazy side of me that I never wanted to face. The spirit in me is way bigger than the things that I have allowed to block my thinking and made my life the way it is. The more I have gotten deeper inside myself, the more my True heart comes out. I just wanna thank the Creator of ALL for Kristy Lee and the gifts that God has given you and that you use them for the Love that you are and give freely to humanity. I love you sis and am so grateful for you and all that God had used you for, for me. 🕉❤️🙏❤️️❤️️❤️️💯
Chris Barczaz

“I must say that I have so much peace and power [now]. I now understand that my life’s path and purpose is unique to me and I can funnel my energy and personal power towards the direction of my true purpose. Kristy Lee was so easy to talk to and took time with me to ensure my understanding. She has this amazing ability to listen and present life’s challenges as potential positives. If you feel lost or unsettled about your life’s purpose, you MUST meet with Kristy Lee … She has helped me tune out the noise and focus on what is important! You will not be disappointed.” Carrey Casey