RESTLESS HEARTS,We have many of you come to us and say that yes we hear what you say… and yet,i seem to have lost my Joy,my Zest…I don’t want to be critical and down in the mouth,about myself and others…but i can’t seem to be able to stop…i want to be more Loving,Compassionate and Forgiving and yet all i am able to see are faults within everything…I know that i am Divinely Loved and supported at all times and yet i am so embroiled in Life…that i tire of it…Where did my Joy go …that me who was effortlessly bubbly with the effervescence of sheer enthusiasm in every moment ? Help me ,to get it back and make it stay please …We say to you that your Joy did not go anywhere…it lives within your being…waiting for your signal to once again come forth and take over your lives…We ask that you simply let go and have no expectations even of Joy…for it cannot be forced…it simply arises in the moments when you are fully aware of your own ‘Divineness’. You just slip back into it like an old well worn outfit…Let go of everything and just Be in the moment…here and now…allow for Joy to come find you like an eager puppy…wagging it’s tail all ready to play…there doesn’t that image bring on a smile ?So keep up the Allowance and Acceptance…Be your Loving kind selves and all Happiness will follow,like Mary’s proverbial lamb …We send you our LOVE,JOY ,BLISS and GRATITUDE to bless your day and so it is.🙌🏼💙🙌🏼🌹