Inner child healing – The road to Self actualization and Deep Healing of Soul Wounds

In terms of healing, this may be the most important work you ever do. It may also be the key to finding the balance and happiness we all crave.

You see, pre-birth Wounding & Unresolved childhood experiences are the basis of so many other more obvious conditions that bring someone into a state of unrest, panic, anxiety, not being able to have harmonious relationships, money problems and so much more.
What psychologists call the ‘inner child’ is the part of ourselves that retains the fears, traumas, pains and joys of our young selves. While you grow up, part of you remains in the child-like state, while you develop coping strategies and often detrimental personas to get you through adult life. While these coping strategies can help you function, they also often become your worst ‘inner demons’ if you dont eventually attend to your child selves and learn to reparent yourself in a healthier way.
Inner child wounding are at the root of so many of our troubles such as depression, anger, phobias and illnesses, is a small child that needs our attention, acceptance and compassion.
Confronting your inner demons to discover the heart of inner pain is not easy; this is the hardest thing to do and requires great courage. Those who embark on this journey of self inquiry are called ‘inner warriors’. But it is also the most rewarding work you can do for yourself.  Give yourself the gift of true healing, and see how easy and beautiful your life can become once you integrate your inner child.
Inner child healing work is done in  7 extended group sessions, in which we isolate the ‘parts’ of the your inner child, give them voice and bring them into full integration.
This 7 week experience requires journaling work and a little ‘homework’ between sessions.
You will learn the practice of asking yourself questions and listening for responses to continue your inner child healing process on your own.
• 7 weekly group calls
• recorded session
• a safe environment
• intuitive insight
• energetic healing support
• Guidance to help direct you into re-connecting with yourself through all ages.
• Healing
• Integration
• You becoming more FREE
• Grow into knowing you are WORTHY, LOVED, ADORED
• Become more playful
• Tune into your curiosity
• Embrace your inner WARRIOR
• plus so much more—
The cost for 7 weeks of group sessions is 77.00 — I have 10 spots available— dates and times will be announced once 10 ppl have registered. Participants do not necessarily have to be present for each call as they are recorded each time with follow up written guidance and instructions.

If you are wanting to have more individualized assistance as you heal & re-connect to your inner child this offer is available for 1x one sessions over the span of 7 weeks for $777.00 plus two free follow up sessions.
If you are not sure if this will be right for you or you have further questions send me a message we can set up a discovery session and talk about your questions, desires and needs.

Tons of love to you, 
Kristy Lee