“Let this place be a chance for miracles in the lives of millions of people – where tears turn into smiles, desperation turns into hope, dullness turns into creativity and hatred turns into love.”

Kristy Lee assists people who are struggling with issues ranging from money blocks to loneliness to poor health. If you feel you are doing all the right things but still get no results, Kristy can zero in on the blocks, whether they are recent ones, from your childhood or even from a past life. With guidance from your Akashic Records /Book of Life and energetic healing on a Soul level You will be assisted with breaking through your blocks, clear emotional pain, fear and Karmic loops to help you bring balance, harmony and confidence into your life.


Explore YOUR physical bodies….

Our physical bodies, when viewed under a high powered microscope, are not solid at all. The body is a series of vibrations. Molecules, atoms, protons, etc. vibrating at a certain rate of speed. It is our physical mind that gives us the picture and the feeling of it...

Who’s path are you following anyways?

Everyday I meet with individuals who are awakening and starting to question their realities and the bigger meaning to life.It's pretty common for statements such as..."I have a feeling that I was born to experience more then graduation, collage, career, marriage,...

Pause -breathe -let Go

RESTLESS HEARTS,We have many of you come to us and say that yes we hear what you say… and yet,i seem to have lost my Joy,my Zest…I don't want to be critical and down in the mouth,about myself and others…but i can't seem to be able to stop…i want to be more...


Akoshik record sessions helps you realize how your Soul Contracts can create and affect your relationships; how unknown Karma may act as a block to happiness in your life and how past life vows can hold you back. You will be able let go of your accumulated emotional pain, from both past and current lives.

During Akashic Healing Sessions you will receive divine clearing energy to support you in releasing long-standing Karma loops, clear past life Vows that hold you in stuck patterns and learn about soul contract that are ready to released.

We work with releasing heavier energies may appear as anger, grief, feelings of being rejected, and any energies that have created a feeling of being blocked stopped or stuck months or years after a relationships ends.

We clear and release energy around:

Soul contracts that are complete but feel stuck
Vows / contracts of povery
Vows/ contracts of marterdrom
Vows / contracts of failed Relationship
Vows / contracts of family discordance (death, foster homes, addiction, family feuds)
Vows / contracts of self defeating behaviors
Vows of love such as “I will love you forever” but find it’s not a good fit in this life
Clear childhood programs of Co-dependency where on family wants that for us
Release energy of low self-esteem
Clear heart chakra and emotional chakra to function in present time, bring soul into the body
Counter party contracts, mirrors etc

And so much MORE
most importantly is to learn how NOT to create future vows and contract.. and what to do if you do..

Wheels of lights powerful 6 step process. move through being stuck and STAGNANT within any area of your life: money, Relationships, Employment, extra weight, Dark Night of your soul, Love, Self Destructive Patterns, Addiction, Depression

1. Name it
2. Claim It
3. Surrender
4. Release
5. Willingness
6. Receive

Book your session today and let me teach You how to use thIs pOwerful system In your life, break through your walls of resistance and walk into your promised land, Live A life of freedom, totally supported and full of abundance.

Kristy Lee



Star Fire Mojo’s came into existence after years of Kristy Lee speaking out short little powerful sayings that open up the energies for MIRACLES to occur, and 💯’s of testimonies from people.. all over the world..

“I receive calls and messages from people all over the world wanting me to drop them a Star Fire Mojo and often hear “you need to record that for me so I can access it and play it when ever I feel like this!”

We listened to your requests.

Star Fire Mojo’s -have arrived. Be prepared to experience miracles, joy, good laughs, happiness and more freedom. Star Fire Mojo’s work!

3,2,1… click the link bellow to get your recordings at the Star Fire Mojo’s Store.. let your magic begin.. yay!

The Mojo’s are short, maybe three to a little over four minutes and are designed to be listened to over and over again for added benefit. many people have reported that they feel the energetic impact of these Mojos. You might feel coolness, warmth or even a little tingly, many even report, laughter, joyfulness, peace and many experience miracles. Blessings for you to receive a super great life and heavenly blessings galore! Star Fire, Star Fire Mojo’s it is…

💈 I recently took classes to learn about the alphabet and how names relate to personalities, relationships, communication styles, life lessons, past lives  and shadows tendencies plus so much more. 
🎈🎁🎉 To celebrate I am offering readings at a really low introductory rate of just $25.
The readings can reveal: 
📍 what your name reveals about your life. 
📍 what the way you write reveals about your relationship patterns. 
📍 If your life on a sub-conscious level is more influenced by your mom, dad or  a equal influence of both parents. 
✅ What I need from you is to write in cursive on a paper without lines: 
📌 “you give me great joy!”  – 
📌and a cursive capital letter “B” 
📌 your name written in cursive. 
📌 your name written in print. 
📌 Take a picture of the paper you write on and send it to me via email @  ✔️tapintunein@gmail.com
🎯I have done 17 of the alphabet readings so far plus been highlighted as a guest co-Host on my instructors world wide radio broadcast were she introduced me to her community and gave me a chance to do live readings while live and on the air.
I’m excited to have the opportunity to do this kind of reading for you now. 
I can say that it has certainly enhanced my intuition and added valuable elements into the information that comes through during readings. 
✅ check out the testimonials and see what others are saying about the readings I did for them.
📗🖍🔍  If it calls to you book your session right away.
I look forward to connecting with you. 
Much love, 
Kristy Lee


“The other day Kristy offered to read my handwriting. She came back to me really quickly with her reading and it was spot on. AND some of the things she told me have helped me to clarify some things that are happening for me in my every day life. I really appreciated the reading and Kristy for taking the time to do this for me.
Many many thanks. So if you are thinking of getting Kristy to read your handwriting say YES…. Just do it.
Margeret Saunders

Kristy just did a handwriting analysis/in depth characterisation of who I am based on the letters in my name and how I write.
Mind blown 💣💥
It put some pieces together that helped me focus even more intently on certain goals, while providing insight as to what my strengths are and areas of spirituality that may need some continued healing!
I had no idea that our names, based on letters, play a significant part in our personality and Divine purpose!
Everything happens for a reason is even more intense than I ever knew before!
I highly recommend getting one of these done and weaving it into a healing package with Kristy Lee!
You WON’T regret it!!!
She will help you shift and level up and you will gain what seems like “insider information” into the amazing miracle that is YOU!
She amazes me constantly!!!
Stephanie Collette Quackenbush